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Support for those who wish to have
Medical Treatment

Our comprehensive coordination service allows
international patient to feel safe and reassured
while receiving treatment in Japan.

As one of the countries with most advanced medical technology, Japan has a lot to offer. For fighting cancer, there are Heavy Ion Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy (Opdivo) for metastatic or
advanced cancer.
Until recently, Japan was the first and only country in the world to offer Radicut (Edaravone) for treating ALS, making Japan more experienced in ALS treatment. For gastric cancer, surgical experience and treatment outcome is one of the best in the world.
Moreover, two of the most popular and advanced endoscope makers are from Japan.

Healthcare costs in many countries are much more expensive than Japan. For example, some treatments cost up to 10 times more in the US than any other country. In addition, Japan has some of the most advanced medical technology in the world that is not available in other countries. If patient is able to travel on plane, they
should consider having healthcare abroad.
With world class quality in medical technology, and affordable cost, you should consider coming to Japan. A country rich in culture, excellent food, and many UNESCO world heritage site, Japan is a top travel destination.



  • - Advanced Healthcare
  • - Ion Beam Radiotherapy
  • - Cancer Treatment
  • - Intractable Disease


  • - Medical Consultation
  • - Visa for Medical Stay
  • - Payment Representative
  • - Medical Interpreter
  • - 24/7 Call Center Service

Full Package Support


Hospital matching


Translate medical profile and report


Support for Medical Stay Visa


Airport transportation
(First visit only)


Support for initial hospital visit or
hospital admission procedure
(include 8 hrs of medical interpreter)


Loaner mobile phone


Call center service


Support during stay in Japan


Payment representative service

Optional Services (additional fee applies)

General/Medical Interpreter (beyond 8 hrs),
English/Chinese translation,
Arrange travel and accommodation

For detail on travel and accommodation
arrangement (Read more)

A la Cart service is also available,
we will quote based on your specific needs.

※Our service requires payment in advance.
Initial consultation is free, however, for acceptance decision, depending on hospital policy, consultation fee may apply.

How it works

How it works

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Contact Us



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10:00AM - 5:00PM (Japan time)
except weekends and holidays

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