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What documents do I need to find out if I can get treated in Japan?

Referral letter from your doctor, recent test result, diagnostic images like MRI or CT scan, current condition, and treatment history.

May I choose the hospital where I want to have my treatment?

Please let us know in advance if you have a preferred hospital. We will coordinate your treatment with that hospital. However, based on your medical records, we may recommend other hospital that is better suited to treat your condition.

Is visa for medical stay required for visiting Japan?

It depends on duration of stay and your nationality. Our coordinator will explain which visa is suitable for your situation.

Do you provide travel arrangement for visiting and staying in Japan?

Our company has travel agent license, we can arrange travel and hotel booking based on your needs. If you plan to have extended stay in Japan, we can arrange service apartment and various tours, please feel free to contact us.

I don’t speak Japanese, I am worry about my treatment and living in Japan.

Our English speaking staff will help you during treatment, and provide support for your family living in Japan.

How much is the cost?

The cost will vary depending on treatment plan, treatment duration, required services, and location of stay. Please contact us with your inquiry. We will provide the cost estimate according to your needs.

How do I pay?

Please Tele-Transfer the fees to our bank account in the amount of estimated cost. We will take care of payments within Japan. After treatment is completed, we will settle any differences, and refund any overpayment.

Health screening, medical exam,
health and aging care

Not sure which plan to choose…

We will make our recommendation based on your test result and concerns. From regular health checkup, PET-CT to cancer screening, we will arrange a plan according to your needs. For health and aging care, we will consider your objective and choose a plan that is suitable for you.

While I am here for health checkup, I also want to go sightseeing.

According to your needs, we can provide customized tour package including health checkup, charter transportation, and onsen ryokan (hot spring resort). Please contact us for details

Transient dialysis

I like to plan a trip to Japan for my dialysis patient family, where do I start?

First of all, please contact us with your request so we can secure all dialysis appointments during your stay in Japan for your family. After we have confirmed all dialysis appointment, then make your flight reservation and hotel booking. Since we are licensed travel agency in Japan, in addition to regular travel and accommodation, we can also plan a barrier-free (wheelchair accessible ) travel plan. Please contact us for details.

Cost for transient dialysis and tour is much less than medical treatment in Japan, do I still pay with bank transfer?

Transient dialysis and tour can be paid by credit card. Please contact our coordinator for details.

Staying in Japan

For extended stay in Japan, what are my options for accommodation?

For clients with extended treatment stay, cooking and laundry can be very inconvenient at a hotel. We can provide service apartment with kitchen and washer, so that client with diet limitation can make their own meal.

Our company

What kind of company is Japan Retreat (Planners International)?

We are 100% Japanese capital company. We provide services for international customers visiting and living in Japan.

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