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Support for those who wish to have
Medical Examination

Having health screening periodically,
protect oneself
and well being of family.

Cancer has been top of cause of death for many years. Cancer treatment always creates a great impact to patient and family's live. Although some cancer are related to your genes, however,
in recent years, research shows improving life style can prevent cancer.

Having health screening regularly creates an opportunity for early detection and early treatment of an illness. Also it gives a chance for you to change your life-style. Based on your health concern, JAPAN RETREAT can arrange a health screening that is best for you.

Some cancer like pancreatic and breast cancer do not show any symptoms at early stage, and it's difficult to detect by imaging study. However, we can recommend some advanced testing that is effective for finding small cancer.

In case an illness is discovered during health screening, based on patient needs, we can arrange detailed medical examination or second opinion. Please feel free to contact us.



  • - Health Checkup
  • - Health Screening
  • - PET-CT, MRI, MRA
  • - Referral for Treatment


  • - Medical Coordination
  • - Medical Interpreter
  • - Report Translation

Full Package Support


Select a health screening
that best match patient's needs


Payment representative service


Explain procedures and documentations.
Translate informed consent for biopsy.


Medical interpreter to attend
on the day of health screening


Translate medical report


Periodic follow-up

Optional Services (additional fee applies)

Provide guarantor service for
medical stay visa application,
arrange accommodation and charter airport shuttle.

A la carte service is also available,
we will quote based on your specific needs.

How it works

How it works

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